Risk Management


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Volunteer Forms


Volunteer Background Check Form (pdf 1,051KB)

Parental Consent for Minor Volunteers (pdf 356KB)


Formulario de Información para Voluntario de Ministerio (pdf 748KB)

Forma de Consentimiento Paterno Para un Voluntario de Menor Edad (pdf 195KB)

Camp Meeting Presenter Form

Presenter Form
(pdf 601KB)

Adventist Learning Community
Provides faith-based courses for certification, professional development and some just for fun

To get started with your training click here. Follow the steps to register with Adventist Learning Community (ALC). If you have already registered with ALC, click here to login.

Registering allows you to learn at your own pace. ALC will keep track of what quizzes you have completed. When you have completed the course, ALC will notify the Oregon Conference Risk Management Department to confirm you have completed the coursework.

Below are some tips to assist you during registration, when logging into ALC or getting started on the Sexual Abuse - Reclaiming Hope course.

Registration information
Please note that during registration is asks for a photo to upload for your profile. This is not required. At the end of your registration, you are prompted to login to ALC. To access courses, login using your email address and the password you created during registration.

Accessing the Sexual Abuse course
click on this link:  or type in ALC's Search Field: Sexual Abuse. Click on the title "Sexual Abuse - Reclaiming Hope" to go to the course detail page.

Specifics about the Sexual Abuse course

Once on the Sexual Abuse course page, read through the entire page then click the big orange button in the upper right that says "Enroll for Free." This gets you started on the course.

You will be taken to a page that asks "Who should be notified when you complete this course?" Please copy and paste the following email address in the field provided: Be sure you do this so you get credit for taking this course with the Oregon Conference Risk Managment Department.

If you log out of ALC and then come back at a later time.
Log back in here. You will then be presented with a dashboard screen that shows Recent Activity. Click on the Courses dropdown menu in the top gray navigation bar. It will show the course(s) you are currently taking. For our purposes, click on the Sexual Abuse course to continue your learning. Then in the upper right corner, click on the big orange button that says "Resume Course Materials."

Please note: if you did not do anything except look at the course page and then logged out, you will need to read the entire course page than click on NEXT at the bottom of the page to begin Module 1 of the course. From that time on, you will see the large "Resume Course Materials" button when you return to do coursework.