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It is the Oregon Conference Risk Management Department’s mission to support members in ministries by providing safe environments as they follow God’s call to go and make more disciples. The Oregon Conference Risk Management Department provides support to the church members making available safe spiritual and physical (abuse-free) environments for every Oregon Conference employee and church member (adult and child), who works on behalf of the organization or attends programs and activities of the Oregon Conference Seventh-day Adventist Church.

One of the responsibilities of this department is to assist our churches and schools with issues relating to risk management and insurance. This site includes documents that will assisst you as a volunteer to perform on your church and/or school duties. For your convenience, these forms have been categorized in groups. Please visit the menu on the left hand side of this site under "Web Forms & Policies". Some of the forms that you may need are:

- In the event that you or someone in your church gets injured on church property or you are experiencing a loss/damage on your church property, click on the “Claims” section.

- If you are traveling outside of Canada or the United States for a sponsored conference or church Mission trip, you will need to purchase travel insurance to cover the trip, please visit the Mission “Trips/Travel” section of this site.

- In the “Child Protection” section, you will find helpful information when planning church, Pathfinders, or school outings.

- Should you need to download volunteer application forms for your volunteers to complete, please visit the “Volunteers” section.

For any questions or assistance related to insurance or risk control, please contact us at 503-850-3500. We will be happy to assist you.


Save the Date for Church Safety Training
Specially designed for church leaders

October 12, 2014
Meadow Glade SDA Church
Battle Ground, Washington

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November 2, 2014

Medford SDA Church
Medford, Oregon

Questions? Call us at 503-850-3500.
Download a Save the Date flyer here.